3rd World Conference on Luteinizing Hormone in ART: Applying technologies learning from nature


      27-28 May 2022 – Naples, Italy


      The role of luteinizing hormone (LH) during folliculogenesis has intrigued the scientific and medical community for at least three decades. There is an emerging galaxy of research to explore concerning this enigmatic subject. The availability of recombinant drugs now offers, for the first time, the opportunity to examine the role of follicle stimulating hormone and LH separately. An emerging topic during last year’s conference was LH supplementation to improve the outcome in a subgroup of low prognosis patients selected according to POSEIDON classification.

      During this conference we will discuss the management of these low prognosis patients in greater detail. Notably, we will move beyond controlled ovarian stimulation to explore further the involvement of LH in personalizing the luteal phase and in male infertility. Also, on the agenda will be the extra-gonadal effect of LH, including potential immune-modulation at the endometrium.

      Following the precedent set at last year’s conference, considerable time will be devoted to basic science, alongside such controversial issues as progesterone rise and pharmacogenomics. This year we have attracted prominent scientists from the worlds of endocrinology, andrology, immunology and embryology to take part in our engaging educational programme.

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